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Internet of Things

Run a fully connected business with the IoT

Build a connected business with Streame Internet of Things (IoT). Gather, process and monitor data in real-time from all your devices. Support your business processes with intelligence.

Streame IoT cloud

The Streame IoT cloud enables real-time reporting and visulizations of all your IoT devices. Intelligently deploy, monitor and analyse your IoT fleet, wherever you are.

Combined with the Streame Analytics Cloud, our IoT platform will meet and exceed all your requirements.

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Integrated solutions

SmartTrack Warehouse Safety

Real-time tracking and awareness of warehouse forklift operations. Monitor and alert forklift operators when pedestrians are nearby.

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SmartTrack Warehouse Flow

Track and map all your warehouse assets over time. Analyse traffic patterns to gain efficiency insights. Improve asset performance and decrease maintenance costs.

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SmartCam Security

Real-time facial recognition and access management. Utilizing AI to recognize known people, and grant access to secure facilities or devices automatically.

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Solve your specific IoT requirements

With in-house technical expertise in IoT development and deployment, let Streame assist your business with your requirements.

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